“This is a soap emergency! I’m almost out of your wonderful soap and my skin is already tightening in anticipation of upcoming wintry dry skin weather. SOS (Save Our Skin, LOL!) Please ship my order ASAP!”
– Laura, Irvington, KY 

“Until now, I had not been able to convince my husband to use your soap, even though he has very dry skin, and I’ve been telling him that I thought it would help.  ‘It’s too ‘girlie’ and ‘too expensive for a truck driver!’ But when we ran out of his store-bought deodorant soap, I didn’t buy any to replace it, so we both used yours for several weeks.  When we ran out of it too, I did buy more of his regular soap. After a few days, we were in bed falling to sleep, and I noticed him fidgeting a lot.  He finally sat up, and in exasperation said, ‘Oh, just go and buy more of Lisa’s soap, would ya? I’m itching to death!'”
– Paula & Timmy, Bardstown, KY

“I came across this handmade soap quite by accident.  It was included in my gift bag at a wedding in 2010. Since then, I have not used another bar of soap, and never will! I truly love all the different varieties, but Oatmeal Lavender is my favorite. Not only does it exfoliate, it also smells so delicious and makes my skin very soft. What is most impressive is that the bars are extremely creamy and last a long time! Thank you for making such an amazing product!”
– Dawn, Tenafly, NJ

“Our family just loves your soaps! All 6 of us use it every day and it’s all we’ve had in our house for years, and now, it’s going with Amelia to college! Thank you for such a wonderful, simple, pleasurable product!”
– Rebecca, Columbus, OH

“I’m glad to see you’re now on the internet, so everyone has the opportunity to purchase your wonderful soaps!  This order is going to be shared with family members! Thanks for offering such a fantastic product made in the USA!”
– Sandy, Morgantown, WV

“I’ve been using your soap since I purchased my first bar at the St. James Art Fair over ten years ago. I love the patchouli and the tea tree soaps because they seem to have natural anti-bacterial properties.  I buy in bulk and store the extras in our drawers to make the clothes smell good. I like your soaps because they don’t dry out our skin and they rinse well and don’t leave a residue on skin or a film in the shower like the bar soaps from the grocery.  I tried many “artisan” soaps and many expensive body washes before I found your soaps. Now, your soaps are the only ones we use. Our daughters have all asked me to send them “those soaps we use” because they can’t find anything as good in the big cities where they live. Thanks for making a great product and always going out of your way to help me with my orders.”
– Nan, Anchorage, KY 

“I want to share with you a little story:  My late husband was a loving father and a flower gardener, among other things.  His favorite flowers were orange Cosmos, and he grew them prolifically everywhere, so I just had to purchase 3 of your Orange Cosmos Luminaires to gift to our 3 daughters.  Now, every year on his birthday, my girls light their luminaries (all live in different states), and call one another remembering their dad. It is a bitter and sweet experience in which you play a role;  we are grateful for your creativity. Thank you for a lovely and unique product!”
– Beatrice, Battleground, IN

“I have had one of your luminaries for a couple of years, and I enjoyed it so much and get so many compliments, especially from my sister.  We recently had a minor tiff, so I purchased one for her as a peace offering.  When I gave it to her, we both cried!  She absolutely loves hers too! Thank you!”
– Margaret, Midway, KY

“My husband and I attend a lot of art shows, so many so and for so many years, that we rarely buy anything because we rarely see anything new or unique.  Not so this past weekend in Toledo, Ohio!  We ran across your booth, and we’ve NEVER seen anything like these luminaries!  So, we returned before leaving, and bought two!  Way to go, Splendid Bee!  You made us purchase something with your unique offering, and we do love ours! (The second is a gift for our daughter.)”
– Tom & Nancy, Toledo, OH