20 Years Later…


For new visitors, this means nothing, but read on, you may find it interesting how I nearly died.

For friends and loyal customers, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, but I’ve been busy trying not to die.

Having been making soap for over 20 years, I hung up my soap-making apron, in 2021, in exchange for medical paraphernalia, needed to fight stage four ovarian cancer.

With no alarming symptoms, no family history, and a healthy 55-year-old body; it took a year  to diagnosis.

By the time the tumor was discovered, a temporary, life-saving procedure was necessary to keep me alive long to administer chemotherapy, which would hopefully, shrink the tumor.

It was the only option. Fingers crossed!


Two years later, I’m finally able to reopen my website and return to what I love: making soap.

I’ve come from Historic Bardstown, to settle in The Highlands, where I’m closer to family and Norton Cancer Center.

New perspective? You bet! Ever think you’re going to die? Literally? Like statistics say you have a 30% chance of being alive in 5 years, and that wouldn’t change your perspective? Of course it does.

My new perspective on life and my business is easy: gratitude and community – my local community. I think gratitude speaks for itself.

When I got sick, my personal community came forth to support and help me — friends, family members, neighbors and acquaintances.

People brought me food, drove me to appointments, and sat with me for hours – calls, texts, cards, notes, visits, money and gifts – all poured forth! It was amazing!

As I was experiencing the worst thing I could have imagined, I was moved to tears daily. It was like I was dying, and able to see how much everyone around me cared that I was dying, without actually having to die. How lucky was I!?

As I return to soap making, my approach to business is a little different.

Until now, I’ve traveled with my products to surrounding states, but that’s an arduous task for a cancer survivor. So, I’ve decided to bring my focus home.

I’m offering my Louisville neighbors a deal:  really good, local soap, brought to your door.

Yep, it’s almost like Amazon Prime, within 20 miles of the Metro Louisville Area 😉

As a neighbor, please give me a chance to become your new local soap maker.

Here’s what I offer:

Thanks so much for visiting my site, and I hope to see you soon, as I deliver to your door, some of the best soap you’ll ever use — as least, that’ what my customers say.

Contact me with questions, comments, etc.