Spearmint Orange


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To get the strong smell of spearmint in Splendid Bee’s Spearmint Orange soap from an essential oil distilled from the flowering herb of American-grown spearmint – one of the best quality spearmint species available today. The spearmint Splendid Bee uses has an intensely warm, slightly green-herbaceous scent to it that is penetrating and truly reminiscent of the crushed herb. Spearmint is the oldest plant in the mint family and gets its name from the spear-shaped leaves. Its fragrance, while similar to peppermint, is sweeter, softer, and milder. These properties have earned it the nickname “the gentler mint oil”.

This essential oil is blended with Ten Fold Sweet Orange essential oil that is expressed from the orange peel and the combination makes this soap smell so good. It’s a must try!

Spearmint oil has antiseptic properties which can protect wounds and ulcers from infection and even help them heal faster.  It also stimulates nerves and increases blood circulation. Sweet Orange essential oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which makes it an ideal ingredient in soap. This oil isn’t just for acne-prone skin though. It’s been shown to increase the ability to absorb Vitamin C, produce more collagen, and improve blood flow – all of which are essential for anti-aging.

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