Beeswax Luminaries

Splendid Bee Luminaries are made from 100% pure beeswax and real pressed flowers that are collected by hand. The shape of the luminary is made using a collapsible mold that is dipped into beeswax repeatedly until the desired thickness is obtained. Once that is achieved, the flowers are pressed into the beeswax and the luminary is dipped one, final time to protect the flowers.

There is a wooden center in each luminary which accommodates a tealight candle and insulates the luminary’s base. If you use the base and do not contain the heat (ie. cover the top) then the luminary will not melt since beeswax has an extremely high melting point of about 150 degrees. You can also use battery-operate tea lights or any LED light source.

Splendid Bee Luminaries are buoyant and will float on water; however Splendid Bee doesn’t recommend keeping the luminaries out in the direct sun all day.

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