Warm Cinnamon

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A sweet and spicy essential oil blend of Sri Lankan cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum blume (c. verum l. presl) fam. laureaceae), nutmeg native to the Spice Islands (myristica fragrans houtt. fma. myristicaceae), the warm, sweet and peppery scent of clove bud oil from Madagascar (eugenia caryophyllata thunb.) and Egyptian anise seed oil (pimpinella anisum l. fam apiaceae (umbellifera)) gives this cinnamon scented natural bar soap an intensely sweet and clean spiced scent with just a hint of orange to it. What does it remind our master soap-maker of? Autumn. Perfectly scented and squeaky clean.

* This soap is not recommended for extremely sensitive skin types.

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Weight 4 oz

Full Size – 4 oz, Sample Size – 1.3 oz

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  1. Betty

    A couple of old dirty bodies across the river need more Cinnamon soap! It lathers so much, and reminds me of Thanksgiving at my grandma’s when I was young!

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