More About Luminaries

Splendid Bee Luminaries are made with 100% beeswax that is triple-filtered and lightened to achieve the soft, yellow coloring of the end product. The pressed flowers and leaves that decorate the luminaries are locally-sourced from various areas whether they are grown specifically for luminary use, collected from hiking trails, or graciously picked from the gardens of neighbors.

The flowers and leaves used to naturally decorate the beeswax luminaries are pressed in a dry, warm environment for 6 weeks before being arranged and used. A collapsible mold is made specifically for each individual luminary that is then dipped into the melted beeswax until the desired thickness is achieved. Prior to one, final dip – the flowers are applied while the surface is still warm and tacky.

A unique design, every time.

After the mold is collapsed, the top opening of the luminary is leveled and a wooden center is embedded inside the base of each luminary. Finally, the bottom is aligned to achieve a level display surface. Each luminary comes with a handwritten-card that identifies the flowers and leaves used in the design.

Luminaries accommodate a tea light candle.  When the candle is lit, the entire luminary glows with a beautiful and magical luminescent quality, and back lights the foliage. The glow of Splendid Bee Luminaries has been likened to the moon and is quite unique. Luminaries are also buoyant and will float on outdoor ponds or inside water displays.  (It is not recommended to leave luminaries outside in direct sunlight.)

Beeswax has a very high melting point of 150 degrees, so a tealight will not produce enough heat to melt the wax.  However, be sure to never contain the heat and do use care when the top opening is softer/warmer so as not to misshape the luminary.