Our Beard Oil and the Famous Beards that Inspired It

There are those who say the beard trend is over, but I think they just don’t like the look and are attempting to hasten its demise.  According to the Vancouver Sun, facial hair (especially for millennials) is here to stay. A testament to this fact is the explosion of facial hair products on the market recently. There’s balm, wax, combs, electric trimmers, and even round brushes – yep, you can blow out and smooth your beard using a flat iron, just like head hair!

One of Splendid Bee’s latest and greatest contributions to the craze, is our all natural Beard Oil. Made from a blend of Argan, Abyssinian Seed, Babassu, and Jojoba oils, our grooming oil not only promotes hair growth, but soothes itchy and dry skin as well. You can choose from either our unscented option or one that smells woodsy and is perfectly warm and sweet.

To celebrate it’s arrival, I’ve crafted a list (in no particular order) of a few of the famous beards that started this whole beard mania…

1. Abraham Lincoln 

Surprisingly, they didn’t call this a beard back then.  According to Sean Trainor, a doctoral student in history and women’s studies at Penn State, Lincoln’s facial hair was referred to as “whiskers” because he trimmed.  Men who didn’t trim, wore quite extravagant beards. Legend has it that Lincoln only started letting his whiskers grow after he received a letter from an 11-year old girl asking him to do so.

2. Santa Claus

No explanation necessary…except that without the beard, he’s just an overweight philanthropist in a red suit, rolling through town in a sled pulled by ungulates; nothing unusual there!

3. General Ambrose Burnside

This guy, you’re going to want to look up as he is the reason why we have sideburns. You’ll find they’re outlandishly large, and feature wide, long “wings” from ear to mustache without one gap!

4. ZZ Top

Billy Gibbons,Dusty Hill and their, ironically, beardless drummer Frank Beard!

5. Karl Marx

While Marx was focused on the working class, he left his beard to groom itself and in return captivated a revolution.


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